Thursday, January 1, 2015

Keepsake Album Day 9: Assorted Earrings

Good evening, All. 

For my entry into the Keepsake Album today I have gathered up several earrings. They are all earrings that were given to me as gifts, but that I haven’t been wearing recently. I do not dislike them, but my aesthetic has been rather simpler of late. I have been wearing very little jewelry lately. My ears have become sensitive to non-precious metals. Goodness. How awfully pretentious does that sound! 

“Sorry, my body can only touch pure gold. I am allergic to anything that costs less than 20 dollars. I can’t bear to hobnob with riffraff such as copper or, God forbid, tin.” 

It’s true though. My ears start to itch and hurt when I wear most earrings. 

Anyway! These gifts were very kind. They were each chosen for me specifically. Some fo them were even handmade! 
Thanks to all of you who have gifted me with earrings in the past. I am sorry I cannot wear them right now. 

Lucy Rose

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