Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keepsake Album #13: Vintage Dress and Yet More Babysitting

Hi guys,

I've gotta get to bed. I have been waiting until the last minute to do these posts everyday and so I have been going to bed kinda late.

I received an amazing gift this Christmas. My parents asked me what they could give me that would be helpful. I told them that I would like a Wacom drawing tablet. They didn't really know what that was. I told them it was a tool that would help me do the cartoons for the Wheaton Record. It turned out that my dad had actually been given one for free by a friend several months ago. But my dad hadn't been using it because he had no idea what it was! It is exactly what I was hoping for. I also have Photoshop now! It is really exciting to finally have these tools. I hope that I use them well. With great software comes great responsibility.

Anyway, here is some of the first work I have done suing my new tablet and software. Just a little doodling. Sorry it is so small. I haven't figured got it to fit well yet. Enjoy!

For my Keepsake Album today I drew a dress that my mother bought for me when I was about 15. We were in Prague for a short visit. I had been very distant and deflated for a long time and we went into this vintage clothing shop. This dress was hanging up on display. We fell in love with it, but the woman said, "Yeah it's beautiful, but one one can fit into it!" I did. It made me feel so pretty with it's waist-cinching belt and beautiful full skirt. It even has tulle in it to make it poof out more! My mom told me a while later that she wanted to buy it for me because she hadn't seen me smile for a long time and she was willing to buy me a pricey dress if it could cheer me up a little bit. 

I still have my dress. There are unfortunately few occasions on which to wear this lovely garment. Summer picnic? An extra in Dirty Dancing?

"No one puts Baby in a corner."

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