Monday, January 5, 2015

Keepsake Album Day 11: An Antique Book and More Babysitting Adventures

Dearest Blog-Pals,

I am still babysitting my little brother Isaac. Yes, we have three days left of our Lucy Babysits Nonstop With Occasional Appearances by Paul Hugh Extravaganza.

Here are some stats to recap the experience so far:

Temper Tantrums:
Isaac: 1
Lucy Rose: 1

Episodes of Crying:
Isaac: 6
Lucy Rose: 2-3

Dishes Washed:

Dishes Currently Unwashed and Sitting in Every Room of the House (Yes, there were dishes in the bathroom for a period):
(actually Paul Hugh is currently downstairs listening to cool-people-music and washing them for me. Thank you, Hugh!)

Amount of Cheese Eaten By Lucy Rose:
2 large blocks of Eidam

Number of Items of Clothing Belonging to My Mother That I Have Been Wearing While She is Gone:
- Flannel pants
- Soft Drape-y Sweater
- Another Soft Drape-y Sweater
- Yet another Soft Drape-y Sweater
The list goes on…Exploring her wardrobe has made my time as a single parent more enjoyable.

I do honestly feel like a single parent. Except I am an unemployed single parent. I also am only doing this for a week…So, it's actually quite different. BUT I do have a newfound respect for the single parents of the world. They have to do such a hard job all by themselves. Being by myself has been the hardest part, I think. I think that if I were really a single parent it would be all I could do not to fall into deep sadness and desperation. Isaac and I have been praying daily and reading our Psalm continuously. I am trying to bring these feelings to God. And I believe he has helped by lessening the load a lot in a few key areas.

(Want to see a totally sappy, but pretty cool video about being a mom? Go here.)

Because I do not want to wallow or leave you all feeling depressed by my above comments, let me make a new Thankfulness List.

The Small Mercies of My Time With Isaac So Far:

1. Only One Tantrum: Isaac has been known to really go nuts. Yes, he had a tantrum in which he cried uncontrollably, but it could have been much, much worse.

2. Paul Hugh: The Hugh has been around when he can be. He has washed several loads of dishes. He let me go for a run-walk for two hours on Saturday. He is a good pal.

3. Playing in the Snow: It snowed all day. There was deep, lush snow when Isaac and I got home at 4 from school. On a whim we took the sled for a spin, made a snow angel a-piece (Isaac: "I wan tot stomp all over our snow angels!" Lucy Rose: "You absolutely may not, young man!") and built a snowbeing. What is a snowbeing you ask?  Disney has bought the rights to snowman building and the words "snowman" so it is now illegal to express the desire to "build a snowman" without copyright infringement. Isaac was detained for several hours after he sang a few stanzas of the song in question. I tried to stop him, but they have an advanced tracking system that detects the use of the words and copyrighted songs. Kind of like how in the seventh Harry Potter book the Deatheaters rig it so that anyone who utters the name "Voldemort" can be immediately tracked down and attacked.

Wow. That bit took such a strange turn. I just wanted to say that it was a special and fun time in the snow. Back to my Thankfulness List!

4. Homeland: Yes, the TV show. I started the second season and watch it when Isaac goes to bed. Claire Danes is keeping me afloat. I love her. So cool! She is such an ugly cry-er. I really respect an actress who is not afraid to get real and cry ugly in front of millions of viewers.

5. This Blog: I do not have much energy or tie to devote to create endeavours right now. But I feel a responsibility to you, my insole blog reading companions, to keep blogging because I promised I would, doggone it! It gives me something creative that I have to do every days and it allows me to have a little structure in my days.

6. Prayer of Friends: I have a lot of people praying for me and Isaac. Maybe even some of you who are reading! Thanks.

Alright folks. Now its time for me to get my Keepsake Album photo up and them I will end this intensely long post.

Goodnight, Dear People!

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