Thursday, December 4, 2014


Dear Friends,

I am a Secondary Education Major and an English Major. I am not at an art school and I am not taking any studio art classes. This means that I have very little time to devote to the "art" part of my being. My main outlets for that have been a weekly cartoon I draw for the school newspaper and the occasional doodle I post on Instagram or make for the boys I babysit. 

BUT a few weeks ago the editor of one of our campus literary journals contacted me to ask if I would submit some art work for the journal called The Pub. She had seen my work for the paper and liked it. I said, "Yes!" as I usually do with complete disregard for the fact that I have very little free time to devote to side projects. 

But I am glad that I did say yes. It felt so refreshing to get deep into an art project. For the past weeks I have been snapping photos and collecting ideas. I spent the last week drawing. Yesterday I completely flew caution to the wind and instead of doing my homework I spent five hours rendering this project in Photoshop. The resul is not as clean and polished as it could have been had I chosen to sacrifice even more homework time. But I am pleased with what I was able to accomplish. I hope you too are pleased. 


Lucy Rose

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  1. This is Awesome Lucy Rose. I like it a lot :D Keep drawing!