Thursday, December 25, 2014

Keepsake Album Day 3: Play-Doh and Pom Poms (a day late, sorry!)

Merry Christmas, All!

I totally forgot to post this yesterday! Sorry!

This is part of the gift Isaac (my seven-year-old brother) gave to me this Christmas. As soon as I opened the egg carton in which he wrapped it and saw the fragile Play-Doh creation within, I knew it was a candidate for the Keepsake Album, because it was going to fall apart at any moment. 

As he handed me the package he said, "Here is something I made for you. I made this for you from Play-Doh and pom-poms."

Thanks, Isaac. I love you. Hopefully that will still be true after I babysit you for a whole week while our parents are away. 


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