Friday, August 22, 2014

Doodle #29 - Espresso Machine

Like I said yesterday I just moved into my new dorm room. Today it was finally time to try out the espresso machine which I purchased at a second-hand store for six dollars. Laura, my new roommate, and I lugged it down to the kitchen to try it out using the assistance of the old-looking instructional video we found on YouTube.

It worked like a dream. Laura suggested that we name the machine, because her Kuerig machine has a name. The name is Craig. That name makes me think of a song I know about Jesus's bad-news brother Craig Christ. But the song has several F-words, so I do not think I shall provide a link. 

ANYWAY, Laura suggested that my espresso have a female Italian name. We toyed around with several until "Brunela" was suggested. This has the appeal of a slight coffee-related pun. (BREW-nela, get it?)

But then Laura felt that the name Brunela had "too many subtle hints of Bruce". She felt the name sounded too similar to the name Bruce. 

This cracked me up because I pictured Laura at a wine tasting throwing out that line in response to a fine wine, "Hmmm, it has a good nose but too many subtle hints of Bruce."

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