Sunday, September 9, 2012

Undressed: Our Debut Exhibition!

My first exhibition is coming up! A group of friends and I formed an "art group" and we will be showing our work in a gallery in Havířov, CZ. The concept behind the exhibition is "Undressed" or perhaps "Uncovered". The Czech word is "Svlečená". We decided on this scandalous name, because undressed is exactly how we feel when we let someone look at the artwork we have so painstakingly created. There is so much vulnerability involved and this being our first public show, we thought the name was perfect.

Please come take a look!

When: September 18, 2012 is the opening night, but it will stick around for a month. On the opening night we will have a short program and refreshments. That starts at 6:00.

Where: Galerie Spirála, Havířov, Dělnická 18

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