Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bootlegging and Gardening

I just got in from watering our garden. I feel a hint of pride when saying that. You would understand why if you had seen the way it was before we weeded. Since I don't have any before pictures I can describe it accurately by telling you that the weeds were waist high.
Also we discovered that the previous owners of our garden had used it as a garbage dump. After I found a broken wine glass and a bald tennis ball I came up with a theory about the person who lived here before. By the wine glass I surmised that he was a bootlegger, I also deduced that he was very large and like to sample his own wine. Plus, he had a bushy red mustache. After a quick peek of the bald tennis ball it was obvious that the large bootlegging wine guzzler enjoyed torturing tennis balls by sadistically scraping their green fuzz off.
Once we had cleared away the weeds and all the incriminatory evidence of bootlegging, we filled the garden with bags of lovely new soil (now that I'm an official gardener, I feel obligated to use the word 'soil' instead of 'dirt). It was during this stage that I discovered two new things that I love:
a) pulling fat juicy worms out of the ground and listening the popping noise it makes (I realize that that may sound a little weird...)
b) walking barefoot in new soil
Our new garden plot ready, my mom and I planted about twenty strawberry plants and some tomatoes. We cheated a little and bought the plants instead of planting from seed, but I'm just as excited to see how they turn out!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I wish I was a gardener. I love to see beautiful things grow, but haven't had any success in making that happen. :-\

    I'm a little concerned about the worm thing... ;-)

  2. I just did a spot of gardening myself, if you could even call it that. Basically I bout an epic amount of garlic earlier this year at the asianmart, and then didn't use it all. Thus, even though it resided in my fridge, all the cloves sprouted little baby garlic trees. Imagine my delight when I cleaned out my fridge! So yesterday I transfered them to my barrel garden. We'll see how well that works out...
    Also, can I just say that I'm pretty jealous of everone who is leaving for the Czech this Friday? I will console myself somehow...probably by making a doll. That is my new project for the few moments of the summer I am not doing support raising for Texas. Have I told you about this? probably not...
    long story condensed!
    me+ Cru+ Texas = next year
    Have fun with all the peoples next week :)